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We pledge to transition to sourcing and producing food in the Northwest that is healthier for people and the planet.

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We believe every business and every person can make a meaningful difference in our collective effort to promote sustainability in agriculture and the food industry, and to ensure safe and fair working conditions, humane treatment of animals, and careful stewardship of ecosystems.

  For businesses  

1. Commit to healthy and sustainable food.

2. Sourcing. Implement policies and programs that ensure food and beverage purchases meet local, sustainable, and clean-label procurement standards.

3. Menu design. Integrate local, healthy, seasonal, sustainable, and regenerative agriculture supply into menus. Incorporate and promote plant-based and/or vegetarian menu choices.

4. Preparation. Ensure kitchens maximize food utilization and efficiently use energy and water.

5. Waste diversion. Mitigate food waste - reduce waste by increasing food utilization, donate unused food, and compost.

6. Engage your community and visitors. Ask your community members, fans, and visitors to join you in these efforts.

7. Tell your story. Make it public: use social media, use signage, make a video, etc.

8. Support and advocate for infrastructure. One of the major barriers to progress on the path to healthy and sustainable food is the lack of infrastructure, such as support for regenerative soil management practices for our regional agriculture and farming. 

  For individuals  

1. Commit to healthy and sustainable food. Choose your Next 5 steps here.

2. Take action where you live and dine:

  • purchase food that is local, sustainable, and meets clean label standards

  • purchase items delivered or sold in minimal, recycled, or compostable packaging (where applicable)

  • mitigate food waste: reduce, donate, and compost 

3. Take action where you work or learn. Ask your business or school to commit to healthy and sustainable food.

4. Promote healthy and sustainable Food by using social media or other forms of communication to show that you are supporting healthy and sustainable food.

5. Advocate for infrastructure and policy change needed to make healthy and sustainable food a reality. Support and help regional farmers transition to regenerative soil management practices.

​If you are a business or individual who wants to make a commitment to healthy and sustainable food, we can help.

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